The energy in the room was exceptional

The very first networking event I went to in the Durham Region was Heart of Networking. When I started my business more than five years ago, a friend had mentioned the group to me, and so I decided to check it out. I was impressed from the very first moment I got there. The energy in the room was exceptional; I made many connections and those connections are still helping me build my business today. I applaud Marlene for all her work over the years as the “Queen of Network-ing” in the Durham region. She has helped thousands of women build their businesses and has gone out of her way to make every one of us feel welcomed and supported. If you haven’t gone to Heart of Networking, you must go! You won’t regret it.

Laura Watts

It really works!

The secret to building your business? Build relationships. It really works! The Heart of Networking is one of the best! Amazing women business leaders I am so proud to call clients and friends. My heart is full today.

Claudine Pereira

Relationships, Friendships, Community & Learning!

What a fab day at Heart of Networking yesterday! The relationships, friendships, community and learning blossoms. Oh, and we’re entrepreneurs - boss babes through and through!!

Barbara Hayes

I love everything about Heart of Networking

I’m so glad I met Marlene and became part of this amazing group of women!!!

Rosanna Pagliaro

What an awesome way to start the day!

I’m always excited for, and look forward to, meeting new people and the opportunity to be around others who inspire, admire and encourage one another. Cheers to the Heart of Networking for making this possible!

Sarah J Palumbo

A space to grow and be inspired

Thank you so much, Marlene Marco, for providing a safe and comfortable space to grow and be inspired by others. I am not the same person that walked through your doors a year ago. And I have watched so many others have that same experience. You allow us as entrepreneurs and people to let their shine out!

Diane Christine Marven

Always a fun time

It’s always a fun time sharing our passion for plants at heart of networking with over 100 women. Thank you, Marlene Marco, for a loving community to inspire women in business!

Nicole Scott

Incredible Energy

Thank you, Marlene, for doing this every month! It is a wonderful thing to see and feel the incredible energy in the room!!

Desiree A Neville

What a great day today!

Congrats on your 6th Anniversary, I remember the first one!

Serena Shah