About Marlene Marco

Marlene Marco

“Helping women grow their businesses is something that Marlene does with grace and style. For Marlene, it is always about connection. A natural mentor and teacher, Marlene is known not only for her outstanding business and networking skills but as a speaker, an event organizer, a kind soul and someone who actively supports other entrepreneurs.” LW


These kind words from a fellow entrepreneur mean a lot to me and I try to live up to this compliment every day. My passion for connecting people began early on in my career. Having been involved in Direct Sales for many years, I understand the power of connections, but it goes deeper than that. In my role, with Heart of Networking, I want people to use their connections to create future win/win opportunities.” Collaboration over competition all day long!


My goal is for business owners to be seen and heard. Since 2012, I have been developing ways to acknowledge, support and spotlight those who have a desire to grow and succeed. It’s always gratifying when those people I have supported then step into their power and build the confidence to flourish in their business. I certainly don’t take full credit, but I like to think in some small way, I had a hand in their growth.


After investing many years networking within the local business community, I’m proud of to be known as the “Queen of Networking” in Durham Region.
I didn’t set out to be a professional networker, but the more involved I got, the more I realized I had found my calling. I am a connector of people and a creator of opportunities. Helping build business and businesspeople is what inspires me.

I have always believed in remaining curious, open to exploring opportunities that come my way.   I consider there is significant risk to ignoring an opportunity without fully understanding it.  The only true “job security” is what you create for yourself.

As an entrepreneur, if something doesn’t work out, you take the skills you have learned, pivot, and create the next chapter!




Always an active volunteer, I joined the committee of 100 Women Who Care – Ajax, Pickering, Whitby. Since 2015, the group has raised much needed funds for various charities within the Durham Region.

In April of each year, Heart of Networking hosts an event focused on volunteerism and the charities they support. Local charities are invited to showcase their organization and share how entrepreneurs can get involved.



With great pleasure, I’m also an active member of the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade. I was honoured to win Business Person of the year 2018/19. Being recognized in such a profound way is something I will always humbly and gratefully remember, particularly since my business ventures aren’t what some might consider a traditional business model.

Marlene Marco

Heart of Networking continues to connect entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals through high-energy monthly virtual networking events.  Our robust VIP Membership Subscription and the Basic Membership option,   solidly support the organization.

As we’ve learned to accept the immense value in virtual events, we are building internationally and there is a real buzz of excitement around the future of Heart of Networking.

“Over the years we have refined many aspects of Heart of Networking Events and we will continue to refine, based on the members’ needs. That growth and fresh energy keeps women coming back and has ensured the long term success of this group.”